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Welcome to Booted Harleydude’s special website to showcase motorcycle and fetish leather gear and boots that I have owned, worn, and have available for sale.

I am getting older and want to downsize my collections of boots and leather gear. The boots and gear were all bought new, worn and cared for throughout the years by me, but it’s time to move some of these things on to new homes.

If you don’t see something on this site, I also will sell most any boots from my personal collections:

Most of these boots are available with a few exceptions of daily-use boots that I continue to wear. If you ask, I will inform you if I am willing to sell them. If so, I will move them here to facilitate a sale.

Further, leather items including:

may also be available, again with some exceptions of gear that still fits me and I still enjoy wearing.

If you see something on my website that you are interested in getting but the item is not listed on this sales site, then please use my contact form to write me a message to explain what you are interested in. Please include the link to the page of the boots or gear you want so I can identify it.

Some leather gear that once belonged to my late husband also will be displayed on this site for sale as well. That gear is not shown on Booted Harleydude’s personal gear/boots website.

Due to high cost of shipping beyond North America and also having some problems with overseas theft, I restrict sales to the United States and Canada.

Feel free to contact me with any questions using this link.

I will continue to add items to this site over time, so keep checking back. I also will be tweaking the functionality of this site as well. How you see it today may not be the same next week.

Enjoy shopping and get in gear and boots!